Rocks Organic Frusion: Detox for 2014

So I don’t know about you but a detox can’t come soon enough. Although I have been keeping fit and jogging over the holidays, I have been eating way more than normal. I am not an overly girly girl when I say ‘detox’, (excuse the stereotype). I am not into fads or diet trends, its simple, I just like to eat well.

Rocks drinks were kind enough to let me sample some of their delicious organic frusion range to help with this detox! I certainly feel a lot more revived and ready to take on 2014.
Rocks Drinks
Rocks drink - Apple and Ginger FusionI have to admit I love the glass bottles as they look rather fancy and will of course be recycled. They are perfect to share with friends and to take to a dinner party (for the non-alcoholics). More to the point they taste absolutely delicious; apple and ginger frusion is definitely my favourite flavour out of all four. Though I found all four refreshing and packed full of flavour. Perfect served chilled with a few cubes of ice. I could see these drinks also making a lovely touch to a summer BBQ (optional extra: add some vodka).

I love discovering UK based companies (as it is a real rarity these days). Rocks are down in the South West (same as the parents) and seem to offer quite a few drinks. I know I will now be checking out their cordial and squash ranges as they also sound delicious.

So are you feeling a detox coming on? What is your chosen detox this year?


  1. Rachel Cotterill says:

    Those do look rather nice! Although I might take a bit of persuading — or a couple of shots of vodka — before I add beetroot to my drinks 😉 (Though that said, I love carrot juice, and tomato, so maybe I’m just being silly.)

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