How do you de-stress in the week?

Sometimes we can go from week to week without taking any notice of how our mind and bodies feel; there is simply no time to. However little changes to our routine can make a big difference. If you need a couple of ideas on how to make the most of your days then see here.

A OnePoll survey of 1000 women aged 25-60 in 2013, (carried out on behalf of Deep Heat Muscle Rescue) revealed some very interesting statistics indeed. Almost 66% of us (women) wish we could cut the stress in our lives. This might be caused by the morning rush to work or the lack of free time in our working week.

This built up stress and worry can keep us awake, tossing and turning, at night. I know I have had a couple of nights feeling tense with a million and one things running through my mind. These feelings have a knock on consequence and can dramatically effect our relationships and performance at work.

To combat the stress in my life I have made some significant changes, these include: waking up earlier, practising yoga/pilates on a regular basis, relaxing with candles and oils and most recently using products with natural oils and relaxing agents.

Muscle soak, Deep Heat

I have recently been using a bath soak, essential oils of rosemary and orange, sent to me by Deep Heat. It smells fruity, sweet and almost edible. It is available from Boots or Pharmacy2u.

For me, there is nothing better than spending a good half an hour in the bath. This soak has helped ease some of the tension and is perfect for using after an evening working out in the gym. It has left me feeling rejuvenated and revived. I am also keeping on top of my 52 in 52 book challenge and reading a book in bed definitely helps me slip into a comfortable slumber. See how I am getting on here.

How do you de-stress in the week?

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