Make Time for Tea!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Steenbergs Tea and Eco Bag set competition during lent. I am pleased to say it received a lot of entries and the lucky winners, Ann Blythe and Gina Morgan-Lopez have now been contacted. Congratulations to you both!

What’s your favourite flavour?

If you didn’t catch my ‘Time for Tea’ interview with Steenbergs you can read it here. I reveal what my morning tea of choice is and which well-known, provocative comedian I would love to share a brew with.

I also mentioned two herbal teas I was yet to try: 3 Flower and Bancha. I have now nearly finished both of these delicious varieties…

Herbal Teas Review

Bancha and 3 Flower Burst Tea

Bancha Tea

Bancha Tea

I am a big fan of green tea and this variety has not been a disappointment. As far as green tea is concerned bancha is fairly mild and for 1 teaspoon: mug ratio this was rather surprising. (I love a really bitter green tea so this is how/why I am so critical).

I think this tea in particular is ideal for those who like a mild green tea with almost a slight floral aftertaste. I typically drink bancha in the evening following a meal.

3 Flower Burst Tea

3 Flower Burst Tea

Adding water to flower burst tea

Flower burst tea balls opening

Flower burst tea opening up

3 Flower burst tea

Artistic flower burst tea

This delicate looking tea is refreshingly sharp and slightly bitter which makes it perfect for a morning wake-up or post-gym drink.

I absolute adore how visually impressive this beverage is; I have not seen anything quite like it before! The flower slowly opens up once warm water has been added. It is definitely the most artistic herbal tea that I have sampled yet.

Are you a big fan of herbal teas? What’s your favourite flavour?