Both feet ready!

They are not pretty nor a favourite topic for most people but our feet deserve to be well looked-after. I know I always like to give my feet some TLC before holidays and this usually involves a pumice stone and foot lotion. Apart from going away they do tend to get ignored.

I have been on the look out for a heel smoother for a while as I find pumice stones ineffective; after a few goes they are usually significantly worn down and offer a smooth instead of rough surface. I’ve been interested in using an Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother for some time now, and just in time for summer I have been sent one to review. This has come in good time after my walk in the lakes. My feet are crying out for attention!

Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother

How does it work?

This is really simple to use and only requires 4 AA batteries. It includes two different surfaces to attach. The first is a metal, grater like attachment followed by a black file top (buffing disc) to sand down your feet. I have used this all over my feet; my toes, heels and sides.

It works a lot better if used after a shower or bath as this is when your feet are at their softest and the hard or dead skin is easier to remove. Gross to talk about I know. I also recommend having a foot cream to apply after to soothe them.

Elle Macpherson heel smoother attachments

How do my feet feel?

My feet have definitely improved and feel a lot smoother (as you would hope). I do tend to neglect my feet so this is a gentle reminder to see to them once or twice a week. The smoother also has two speeds so you can control how intense it is on your feet. It is the perfect pedicure tool.

Do you give your feet enough love?

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