Sunderland Echo Interview: “Queen of hagglers”

I am amazed at how people can waste money on a daily basis or do not have any intentions on saving for the future or to spend on that one special item. Although this blog regularly features consumables and goods, the items are affordable and often cost-effective with a discount code or some trickery involved.

What first got me thinking about saving?

Well from a young age I observed my mum. She would cut vouchers from magazines and newspapers and regularly go to car boots or jumble sales. More often than not I would go along with her! I then started saving money from birthday and Christmas cards, then saving money with special offers or codes when going out for meals or day trips. The internet opened a whole new can of worms for savers (like myself) and when studying as a student a NUS card and other discount opportunities came in handy. In more recent years I have learned that deals and savings are readily available and out there should you be savvy enough! Patience and determination are two key qualities which go a long way to help you live frugally.

Recent research by revealed “that if Brits negotiated on every possible purchase, their disposable income would increase by an average of 26 per cent”. This astonishing statistic certainly does make you think more carefully on where your pennies are actually going and how you can cleverly negotiate to get the best deal possible. It’s a very British thing not to talk about money however when it comes to how to save money, whether on your food or shopping bills, it is a topic which should be out in the open and accessible to all. I flagged up some of my tips in the Sunderland Echo this week:

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Money-saving tips, Sunderland Echo article


Sunderland Echo Interview

I am thinking of creating another section for my blog, ‘Saving Tips’, as I have several tales of saving money in different situations that are worth sharing.

Would this be something you’d like to read? What are your top money saving tips?


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