Support, uplift and comfort: the bra for 2014

Giving your cleavage what it deserves!

We’ve definitely come a long way since the days of tightly-fitted, silhouette enhancing corsets, however some of us still put ourselves through a similar form of torture everyday. Forget whale bones I am talking the modern design using metal wires.
Have you ever held onto that misshapen bra for old times sake? Restitched underneath as the wire was sticking out? Worn an extremely uncomfortable bra just for aesthetics sake? I know I can relate to all of these which is why I am pleased to introduce the marvellous wire-free bra from Gossard, the Super Smooth Plunge Bra, (£39.00).

 Gossard plunge bra in natural

How does it feel?

This is the first bra I have ever worn without wires and I have to say it is unbelievably comfortable and does not in any way whatsoever compromise on shape or style. It has padding underneath the cups to offer extra support and uplift and is so smooth to wear. The clue is in the name.

I opted for the beige colour as it seemed a good option for summer, co-ordinating with lightly coloured tops or dresses. I was really keen to know more about this wire-free approach to bra making. Why should women give it a go? I caught up with Gossard to find out…

Reviewing the Super Smooth Plunge Bra

The history behind the bra

“Super Smooth was designed as upcoming trends saw a focus on non-wired and wireless bras.  Our designers decided to bring back a classic Gossard, Super Smooth, but use new technology to reinvent the bra and take the wireless concept one step further, by creating a plunging bra – as wireless bras don’t tend to offer this. This bra is a huge innovation for us as it took 2 years to develop and goes up to an E cup; whilst still offering full support and lift.”


What are the benefits of this bra design for the wearer?

“The main benefits of Super Smooth is that it is all about comfort! It is wireless to ensure there is no ‘dig in’ or irritation, it is made from soft fabric and is seam free to minimise visibility under clothes, plus it offers an amazing cleavage!”

Wire-free technology

A little more about Gossard…

Gossard is a British lingerie company which has been designing and creating beautiful and innovative products since 1901. Over the past two years they have won the prestigious “UK’s Favourite Lingerie Brand” award at the UK Lingerie Awards; plus winning the “UK’s Lingerie Brand of the Year” last year, an award which was judged by industry leaders.
As a brand Gossard offers continuity items such as best sellers, Superboost Lace and Glossies, alongside seasonal fashion pieces such as Lola and Botanical.

I also had a cheeky look at the other ranges this morning and noticed they are offering free UK delivery this month. Just enter ‘MAYFREE’ at the checkout. Don’t mind if I do!

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