Closer Magazine Interview: Saving Money

Saving money is a topic I’ve been talking about a lot lately. I sat down with popular women’s magazine, Closer, to discuss my tips and tricks to help you put a few pennies away each month!

Closer interview, May 2014

The prices in our economy seem to always be rising, bar the petrol near where I live. It is therefore important to be stashing away as much as possible for a better future with less debt.

Over the coming months I want to pull together some helpful money saving tips that are achievable and easy for everyday people (like myself) on a moderate income. This could be as simple as looking for vouchers on the internet before heading out for a meal to searching for the cheapest travel options when going on your holidays or splitting up your train journey. A few of mine have already been featured in the Sunderland Echo.

How do you save money?

Please feel free to leave your top money saving tips and website (if possible). I will aim to do a round-up of the best suggestions next month!

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