Hairy Jayne: Why Men Should (and Do) Get into Hair Products


Hairy Jayne hair care
Well isn’t this the cutest package to receive? Sadly it isn’t sweets though it is something truly delicious. Hairy Jayne sent me a little package of goodies for him and her to try out.

Hairy Jayne Shampoo and Conditioner

For Him

“It definitely helped me wake up in the morning as the smell was invigorating. I love the smell of these, though like most men who are short on words, these worked well and that is that.”


For Her

“Zingy and refreshing sums up my experience. I really enjoyed using this set of shampoo and conditioner and adore the healthy smells of these products. It has left my hair feeling fairly smooth (probably due to the aloe vera), though I still need to add other products, leave-in conditioner mainly, to the ends of my hair for maximum softness. The shampoo and conditioner both felt quite thin in consistency which perhaps would be the only downfall as I felt I had to use more to ensure even coverage.”

Hairy Jayne Hair Products for Men

Since the slow rise of the ‘metrosexual’ man and the current trend for traditional barber-shop accoutrements, male grooming has become a 21st century trend. Most men haven’t quite reached the levels of product hoarding that women have, but there is a definite surge in general interest in men keeping their hair (and beards) looking sharp.

Men are realising that they deserve a little self-indulgence as much as women do. Also, smelling attractive is just as important as looking attractive. And good hair products will deliver both.

 Important Hair Questions

Does hair self-clean?
Contrary to some people’s belief, hair isn’t self-cleansing. Shampoo is a fundamental to a good grooming routine, even if the hair is cut very short. The action of shampooing is massaging for the scalp (where the all-important follicles live) and happy, massaged follicles will be stimulated to produce happier, stronger hair. Fingers will massage a scalp just fine but to amp it up a notch you can buy one of those small scalp massage brushes to use in the shower – those little round ones that fit in the palm of your hand.

The Hairy Jayne Men’s Shampoo and/or Conditioner my other half sampled uses the powers of Peppermint, Basil and Bay essential oils to serve as good scalp and hair tonics (and smell very refreshing).

Do men need to use conditioner?
Conditioner is only necessary for men with hair longer than a buzz cut or short-back-and-sides. The main purpose of conditioner is to coat the hair to make it less tangled – the coating has the added bonus of making hair shinier and easier to style which is especially good for hair that tends to (unintentionally) stick up all over the place, or hair that goes fluffy, wiry or frizzy. Beard oil works in the same way, it softens facial hair and makes it appear ‘groomed’ rather than resembling a Brillo pad.

Do men need to use styling products?
Apart from those of you sporting a buzz cut and depending on your hair type, styling products may or may not be required. There are many types of ‘gunk’ to choose from, but here is a quick run-down of the main types out on the market and the finish they will give you:
1. Wax or pomade: Generally quite pliable, so the hair doesn’t set solid but maintains some shine. Pomade has a higher shine but less hold, so the hair sets a bit floppier. Both can be quite greasy but the texture and consistency varies widely. Choosing one that works for your hair type, unfortunately, is usually a case of trial-and-error.
2. Paste, cream or fibre: Usually used for the same reasons as a wax, to create definition or shape in a hairstyle, but without the shine element making hair look less like you’ve made an effort (in a good way). Paste is on the drier side and disappears a bit more easily into the hair. Cream is a bit wetter so better for dry or wiry hair. Fibre is more sticky so has a bit more hold.
3. Dust or powder: A styling powder based on dry shampoo. It absorbs oil from the hair which makes the hair super matte and gives it a gritty texture with lots of volume, very good for ‘bedhead’ styles.
4. Gel: For slick-backs and wet looks, dries into the hair to make it crispy hard and virtually immovable.
5. Sea salt spray: Makes your hair feel like you’ve been at the beach, basically gives you surfer hair.
There are trillions of styling products out there – here’s something for you to really geek out about! But hopefully this is a good general guide to kick-start or improve your search.

We both really enjoyed using Hairy Jayne’s hair products which are available from here:

Does your boyfriend or husband look after his head of hair?

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