Should men go topless in summer?

Following my recent comment in women’s magazine, Woman’s Own, I said men should be allowed to go topless in summer. The magazine did miss out my end remark that this should only be at occasions appropriateĀ to do so; obviously if it is a formal occasion or in a shop or eating establishment then shirts orĀ t-shirts should definitely be worn!

Woman's Own contribution

Should men be allowed to go topless?

I found it really hard to answer this question without taking into consideration how females dress. I may be slightly outspoken when I say that, hands down, I have seen more scantily dressed females than males during summer. Should women therefore be disregarded and instead we focus our time on men alone? Not in my opinion.

In all honesty beaches seem to be the only place you are able to dress in as little clothing as acceptable, (or none if your at a nudist location) and get away with it. What do you reckon? How do you feel when you see men baring all? Does it put you off or is it only okay when the man is particularly hunky? Yes I do realise that does sound shallow but c’mon ladies feel free to leave your view! Do topless men repulse you? Is it ever appropriate for men to walk around topless? I’d love to know your thoughts…



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