Hippy Home Furnishings

Shabby, hippy home furnishings can be found in one mesmerising place in London: Camden Market. I thought I would share some gems that I picked up a couple of months ago but subsequently got left in a box and forgotten about, until now. 

Woven rug

I purchased this cute bohemian style rug for only £1, yes you did read that correctly. I love the weaving fabric and think this will look good under a small coffee table in my lounge. I just need to find the table first!

It also still smells of exotic incense which fills my home. 

Wall hanging

I adore wall hangings and bought this to decorate (and liven up) either my hall passage or living room. The Indian inspired pattern will add a touch of radiance and colour to the room and is interesting artwork. I think we ended up buying two of these for £15 or £20 which is reasonable in my opinion.

These fabrics can also double up as a bedspread or cover for a sofa.

Lovely patterns on throw
Hippy throw leaf pattern upclose

I picked this gorgeous throw up at IOW (2013) for £15 and wish I had bought two but couldn’t fit much in my rucksack!

What do you think of my homely touches?

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