Getting my Cocktail on!

If the sun is out I am always the first to suggest a BBQ or cocktails, or better yet, both! This weekend was no different so I decided to whip up a few alcoholic beverages and enjoy catching a few rays in North Devon.

The lovely team at drink stuff were kind enough to send me a couple of items to top off what was to be a fabulous weekend. They’ve launched a new plastic ware picnic range which I think works well for summer picnics or festivals.

I decided to try out these plastic cocktail jars this weekend, so I opted for a refreshing yet simple screwdriver. It went down a treat.

Screwdriver cocktails

The good thing about taking these to a festival is that you don’t have to be over cautious about spilling or kicking your drink. The jar has a screw able cap which is firmly held in place and each jar comes with a plastic straw. I am a big fan of serving cocktails in jars so will be using these for when my friends come round for an evening.

Cocktails anyone?

The classic cocktail bible is, to put it simply, heavenly. It offers hundreds of cocktails, with each chapter dedicated to a different spirit, such as: vodka, gin, rum, wine and so on. Some recipes feature photographs, helpful in knowing what yours is supposed to look like (especially after making more drinks after a few sherbets already).

Plastic jars and stripy straws

Cocktail making afternoon

I have already earmarked a couple I am going to make in weekends to come. Let’s hope the sun holds out too!

As you can see in the last snap I did try to jazz the jars up with red and white striped straws however these quickly shrivel up so I would only use these for decoration.

Favourite cocktail?

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