Why Bloggers Need Business Cards

Business cards have always been a great way to stay in contact with people and form new connections across the world. It works in the same way as giving your mobile number to a new friend; you are making that initial step to a (hopefully) ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship.

The Importance of Networking

So, why do bloggers need business cards?

I’ve been blogging since 2010 and running this blog since last year (early July 2013), and one thing I have noticed is relationships really are everything. If you’ve spoken to anyone working in media they really value their rapport with journalists and bloggers and likewise, writers like to be in good correspondence and standing with the person commissioning or collaborating with them. Therefore it pays to network and put yourself in front of the right people. One way to make sure someone remembers you, in a fast-paced digital era, is by giving them a gentle reminder. This comes in the form of a small but nonetheless important card.

Your business card is the key to your online portfolio, it not only provides your website address and social media channels so that people can easily find you, but reflects your style and in some circumstances, brand image. They fit perfectly in purses, wallets and handbags and are easy and light enough to carry around, allowing you to hand out when the opportunity presents itself.

Are business cards pretentious or outdated?

The simple answer to this is no. A business card is, in my opinion, the best way to sell yourself and your work. Most people will also hold onto your card whereas numbers in a phone can get lost. I mean, how often do you look through your phone’s contact list? Exactly.

I have actually heard one blogger call them pretentious but I think this is very far from the truth and rather ridiculous (again, this is only my opinion). They show you take your work seriously and give someone the chance to look you up online after meeting you in person. What’s pretentious about that I wonder?

Becca's Beauty Blog Business Cards

What style business card should I go for as a blogger?

This really is down to personal taste and no one has a set format on how a blogger’s business card should look or read. One good tip to keep in mind though is try to keep your website (brand) imagery within your design and ALWAYS list your website. No one wants to waste time searching on Google.

You can see I have made good use of the orange and green theme of my blog. I’ve kept it fairly simple with my website URL, contact email address and most-used social media channels. I would suggest only listing the social media channels you regularly use as these cards will be used for a number of months, possibly years, to come, so bear this in mind.

I chose not to list my mobile number as I do not want every Tom, Dick and Harry phoning. This again is your decision as it may be more appropriate to contact you directly.

When or where should I give out my business card?

This is the real beauty of it: whenever. If you are attending an event or launch why not hand out your business card; embrace networking and let people know what you can offer. There is no secret or advice when it comes to making relationships and working with companies, you simply have to go out there and socialise. Remember you can, 9 times out of 10, make your own opportunities; don’t always expect someone else to open doors for you.

I think it pays to be professional and presenting a business card is doing just this. Ultimately your job is a writer and people trust you, therefore you should not feel reluctant to promote your services.

Who designed Becca’s Beauty Blogging business cards?

I am very pleased to say StressFreePrint helped design and produce my business cards. They were extremely helpful and attentive along the way.

They ask you what design or look you are going for, then their design team come up with a draft (in PDF format) which you get to preview. You can ask them to change it however you see fit and they will do this a number of times to ensure it is exactly what you want.

I was really pleased that it only took a couple of changes before they designed exactly what I had imagined. They were really speedy with their email responses and I cannot fault the quality of these cards. The paper has a nice standard semi-gloss finish on silk art paper so they feel weighty and sophisticated.

I know when I came to look for sites that offered business card designs or printing services it was like looking for a needle in a haystack, there are SO many. Therefore, I really recommend using this site as they make it ever so simple and painless and had my design completed in under 2 weeks, which is quick in my opinion.

What do you think of my swanky new cards?

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