Are you the boss in your home? Giff Gaff want to know!

Studies have revealed young adults are more likely to live with their parents for longer in this day and age; the cost of living definitely plays a big part in this. Having only moved out a year and a half ago I know it isn’t all plain sailing and there are real moments when it hits rock bottom.

Giff Gaff's latest campaign

My phone network, Giff Gaff, have asked me to highlight how I made it work and how I remained my own boss. These are my tips on how to survive living with your parents and to keep the peace, (white flat at the ready):

  • Create a cooking rota – take it in turns to cook as you are all adults now and definitely capable of cooking more than a student’s feast of baked beans and cheese on toast.
  • Make universal ground rules – making rules for everyone makes it the best of both worlds, you both have an input. “No drinking on a school night, Dad included.”
  • Sharing is caring – state what evening you want the television, you don’t always want to be subjected to their choice of entertainment.
  • Lenient times – no doubt you will be able to relate to the classic, what time will you be home war? If you’ve ever moved out then back in with your parents you will know what I mean when I say the ‘battle for independence’. You are used to managing yourself and your own time, so when it comes to one of them asking, what time will you be home, all hell breaks loose. Create a mutual understanding that you will be responsible and let them know when you are returning however they need not keep constant tabs on you.

These may seem trivial but they go a long way to ensuring a happy home.

Do you live with your ‘rents? How do you keep harmony in the house and remain boss? In line with their motto, “We’re all the boss”.


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