A tale from a Waxing Novice: From Nair to Hair Free

Get ready for a ‘Take a Break’ style horror story here today…Okay I do tend to exaggerate, just a little… I have in fact used waxing products post-holiday, which I’ve been told by one friend is a big no no. “You’ll pull your tan off”. 

Well I might have gone about it the wrong way, however I am pleased to say the tan is still very much intact and thanks to Nair I have smooth free legs (ready to be hidden away in tights this autumn).

Using Nair's waxing products

Confession time. I have always, until now, avoided waxing products and the like as I’ve found them too expensive and in all honesty too much faff. I’ve always opted for the classic razor, as I see it as a much simpler and cheaper beauty choice. Did I mention that I normally end up buying mens razors? Why? They are usually the same price however the quality and sharpness of the blade is 100 times better, I swear by them.

Nair or no?

Nair kindly sent me a couple of their waxing kits; to see if they could change my mind on what I had previously considered a useless product. I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised (and so are my legs – they are very grateful). The argan oil in the wax strips meant my sensitive skin was not irritated and it feels as though the results should last a few more weeks longer than if I had shaved. The argan and jojoba oil has left my pair of pins feeling well moisturised and silky smooth, if I do say so myself.

 Hair free legs after using Nair waxing products

1, 2, 3…

The waxing part was fairly easy and relatively pain free. Just pull it all off in one go and don’t hesitate is my best advice. The instructions of use are also clearly marked so amateurs like me make no mistakes on their first attempt. 

The strips were easy to heat, all you had to do was rub them between both hands for a couple of minutes until the nair writing fully disappeared. 

I am not completely converted to waxing as I don’t have the patience to do it every couple of weeks, though I can now see how it saves a lot of time (pre-holiday) and saves space (no need to pack the razors). 

Are there any other waxing virgins out there?

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