Design Time: What’s the story of your home?

I am probably in the majority of young adults that still have to rent and it certainly comes with a lot of limitations and rules  i.e. no hanging pictures or painting the walls. This means it never quite feels like ‘my home‘. However small touches has made it feel more homely and reflects my love and enjoyment of travelling.

My lounge is currently surrounded by enormous artistic wall hangings, bought from one of my favourite places in London: Camden Market. They help to add a bit of colour to our chill out area and cleverly hide our shoe rack (you can just see it peeping through on the second photo)! Don’t ask how long it took to put them up…right a bit, lift it up, straighten it a little…

Lounge wall hanging
Lounge wall hanging

Continuing on my travel theme, this globe is great for seeing where I have travelled to and where I am yet to visit. It also has a built-in light which looks very atmospheric on the darker evenings and creates a glowing, warm ambiance to our lounge. I am hoping to put a world map on one of our walls and pin where I have already visited. I think it is important to travel as much as you can in your life and this would be a nice little reminder to book my next destination.

World globe
Turkish handpainted bowls

These gorgeous hand painted bowls are from Fethiye, Turkey; a lovely village we visited on my recent cruise around Turkey. I love using these as a decorative, colourful touch to the windowsill as well as actually using them to serve bread, oils and dips. I also picked up some flamboyant orange cushions which pretty much match these to jazz up our sofa.

We try to keep a lot of our favourite ‘go to’ things in the lounge too; books, DVDs, guitars and other bits and pieces. This is to remind us that we can do a range of other activities over the usual routine of switching on the TV!

I am sure I will continue to buy small trinkets or household items from different countries, to give my flat a unique, eclectic mix of items. How do you personalise your home? Hillary’s Blinds are currently asking bloggers what inspires their home design, so if you want to share your story then visit their latest campaign here or follow the hashtag #storyofyourhome.

*Apologies for the dark photos!*


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