Baking Stall: North East, Washington Galleries

If you’ve read my blog before you will know I am a baking fanatic, so I have decided to stop eating all the cakes and bakes and start selling them instead!

Here is my stall from this weekend, hosted by CheekiMonkeys at Washington Galleries leisure centre. I apologise in advance for the poor quality photos, I completely forgot my digital camera whilst rushing around in the morning prepping and baking!

Baking stall

As it was a fairly small and local event I decided to just bake: white chocolate cookies, mint chocolate cookies, milk chocolate cookies, rolo and nutella cookies, a big brownie slab and cheese straws. It is safe to say, these went down a treat!

Kilner jars and cookies

drinkstuff were kind enough to let me sample Kilner Cookie Jars for the event. They are sturdy glass jars ideal for storing cookies or baked goodies and keep them fresh for longer. I have to say I think they are perfect for a baking stall or Christmas market as they are heavy-duty and built to last. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a decent container and at £5.99 each, I think they are affordable and not much more than your standard cookie jar.

What do you reckon?

Cheese straws

Brownies and rolo cookies

I have also used a Cake Dome (also from drinkstuff) to keep my brownies and rolo cookies fresh on the day. What I particularly love about the tray is it keeps the goods free from germs without spoiling the presentation.

I can’t wait for the Christmas stalls this month and next! I am already planning my recipes involving gingerbread, cinammon, icing and dried fruit…Mmmm….


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