Love preloved items? Give Vinted a go!

Selling secondhand clothes and accessoriesOnce upon a time I was addicted to a few websites, they went by the names of Amazon, eBay and Freecycle. Okay I still am but I also have another to add into the equation. If you love secondhand clothes buys then welcome to Vinted.

In all fairness I only starting using it as my sister recommended it to me last week, and through joining I was awarded a £5 voucher to get me started. Of course that got me hooked! (Damn incentives).

The basic idea is that you sell, swap or buy secondhand clothes or accessories and it’s all super easy to use. I have the app downloaded on my HTC and you simply have the home screen set to your clothing and shoe size. You simply scroll through and buy any items you like.

It also clearly states whether someone is wanting to swap or sell their item in the product description and you can leave comments to ask about more about the piece of clothing.

I think this site really is good for fashion lovers as it keeps costs low and helps recycle your unwanted clothes.

I am sifting through my wardrobe now…


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