15 Things You Learn as a Vegetarian

Things you may encounter as a vegetarian

I decided to change my diet to being vegetarian in November 2013 and haven’t looked back since. Why? Well for a number of reasons including my health and my changed outlook towards food production, injustice of animals etc. I never really ate a lot of meat so it wasn’t a big nor dramatic change to my lifestyle.

However, I have come across various obstacles and challenges, some of which I will now share with you; you may also agree as a fellow or turning vegetarian…

  1. You will search high and low on Netflix or the internet for food-related programmes.If you haven’t watched these already I highly recommend: Vegucated, Forks over Knives, Food Matters and Hungry for Change.
  2. Vegetarian books are interesting. My latest find is Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer which I have just started reading!
  3. You will become obsessed with houmous. It goes with everything, seriously.
  4. If you go out for a meal with carnivores (or you may call them friends), expect to be called a ‘fussy eater’ or ‘silly’. I have come across both of these, however I still love my friends dearly despite them not fully understanding my reasons behind being vegetarian.
  5. Similarly to the above, be prepared for limited options on some restaurant or pub menus. A lot of eating establishments are getting better at catering for vegetarians but not all.
  6. You will revel in buying fresh fruit and vegetables; trust me there is nothing more exciting than have bags full of fresh food. The smell, ahhh….
  7. Falafel wraps are the best thing ever. I am talking falafels, lemon juice, coleslaw, lettuce, beetroot, grated carrot, houmous, olives, chilli, tomatoes, pesto, guacamole in a tasty wholemeal pitta bread.
  8. Tofu can actually be extremely tasty when cooked properly and can be used in a variety of dishes.
  9. Your parents won’t really understand why you have gone to a vegetarian diet.
  10. Take your own food to friend’s houses when staying over.
  11. Protein can actually be found in other foods than meat.
  12. I crave healthy food and think now, more than ever, about what I am eating and I feel good about it.
  13. Cooking as a vegetarian isn’t adventurous!
  14. Everyone will tell you that you’re missing out on ‘bacon’, “oh the smell…”
  15. You love being vegetarian!

I know the last one is a bit cliché but it is true.

What have you found after crossing over to the dark side?

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