The place for cheese lovers in Amsterdam!

If you’re a lover of cheese, then you will not be disappointed by the Amsterdam Cheese Museum. The name is slightly misleading as it is only a petite shop with a museum area downstairs but is worth a quick visit if you’re nearby in Amsterdam. Even though it may be slightly clich and overly touristy it sure keeps you warm when you visit Amsterdam in February!

The shop offers the infamous Dutch cheese, gouda, amongst an array of other fantastically flavoured cheeses including beetroot, pesto, wasabi, nettle, garlic and more. Samples are available for each cheese and the staff are more than happy to offer advice on what to pair with the cheese or simply more information surrounding the process/ingredients.

If you take a trip downstairs you can find out more about the cheese making process and the world’s most expensive cheese slicer. I don’t know who would have thought to encrust diamonds into a metal food tool but stranger things have happened with the rich.

Old Amsterdam cheese

Cheese in wax, Amsterdam cheese museum

Pesto cheese, Amsterdam cheese museum

Pesto cheese with tomato, Amsterdam cheese museum

Blueberry cheese, Amsterdam cheese museum

Amsterdam cheese museum

If you so fancy, you can even take a snap of yourself with the photobooth in the museum wearing the traditional dutch uniform found in a cheese making factory. I saved you the pain of those photos…

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