Newcastle gets Crafty with #HillarysCrafternoon

How did I spend my Saturday afternoon this weekend? Well I was tucked away in the Jazz Cafe in Newcastle with the The Crafty Hen, Hillarys and about 20+ North East bloggers, all ready with needle and thread in hand to bind a notebook and sew our very own fabric birds. The Great British Sewing Bee has nothing on this…

Arts and Crafts event Newcastle

Fabrics from Hillarys

The gorgeous fabrics we got to use were from Hillarys’ new Romans and Curtains collection (184 in total, though we got to sample and use around 7 of these, otherwise we’d have material overflowing into Newcastle itself!)

Under the guidance of The Crafty Hen a room full of bloggers successfully bound their notebooks in different fabrics. I opted for a floral pattern, customised with a button on both the front and back. When listening to the instructions it all sounded simple (ish). How wrong I was! I’m just grateful I had the glue gun on hand to attach the buttons, minimising my sewing attempts.

Crafts event with Hillarys
Purple floral print notebook

The Crafty Hen team

We then moved on to produce the fabric stuffed bird. To keep consistency in my two art pieces I used the same fabric as my book. We had a pattern to cut round and a guide for when to sew and it was only a running stitch, so this task should have been easy, right? Again (I speak for myself), I realised how much precision, time and patience goes into crafted items as I stared upon my Frankenstein-esque bird.

Newcastle crafts blogger event

Making fabrics birds at #HillarysCrafternoon

For one thing, this has definitely made me feel more gratitude and appreciation towards artists’ work. I definitely want to keep practising and refining my sewing skills as it is one skill I think is often omitted and neglected at schools when really, if you can produce your own clothes or items, then you will save a lot of money, time and in turn have more of a connection with things you have single handedly made.

It was great having insight from the team at Hillarys on the process of choosing patterns and fabrics. Cliché as it sounds it makes you realise all the work that goes on behind the scenes and all of the people involved.

Goody bags from Hillarys

All in all the afternoon was really interesting and it was nice to meet so many #nebloggers. It was also a monumental occasion, as it was the first crafts event in toon for arts and crafts bloggers, so a big thank you for Hillarys blinds for making it a big hit! (Please come back again…) This all wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic team at Joe Blogs for organising it, so a huge thanks to all of you guys too!

Did you make it to a #HillarysCrafternoon near you? I’d love to see what you made leave your links below, but please don’t put Frankenbirdie to shame…

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