Lime and Coconut Cake Recipe

Lime cake recipe

Carrying on the citrus theme of last week, I decided to give this Lime and Coconut cake recipe from Woman Magazine a try! (See my post from last week for a tasty Lemon and Courgette cake).

I made a couple of tweaks to this recipe; adding the juice of half a lime to the cake mixture and adding an extra tablespoon of sugar to the topping, to make it nice and crunchy. I found my cake took 50 minutes in total to cook (10 minutes more than the recipe suggested). I added 5 minute increments at a time and used a metal skewer to check it was cooked properly. Admittedly, I was worried when the time was up (40 mins) and my skewer came out with raw cake mix on it! However it only required a little extra time and the end result tasted great!

I used a handheld mixer to combine all of the ingredients, creating a wonderful pale coloured, cake mix. Once cooked, the lime cake was ever so light and really moist with each slice holding together well.

Lime Cake

The lime sugar topping really made the cake ‘punchy’ in its lime flavour. If I made this cake again I would use more lime zest to further enhance the flavour of the sponge. I would also make the tin loaf more attractive and less plain looking by adding candied lime slices and coconut flakes on top.

Easy to make?

There is very little prep for this cake, taking no more than 20 minutes, therefore ideal for making mid-week when time is of the essence.

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Have you got a good lime cake recipe to share? Feel free to post any links in the comments of this post!

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