Chocolate Courgette Cake Recipe

Courgettes have made yet another appearance in my baking repertoire!

At the beginning of the month this delightful green veggie jumped into my Lemon Cake. Today it helped make a tasty, moist chocolate cake. I am sad to say the recipe is not my own, but one I have used from All Recipes. It claims to be the ‘best chocolate courgette cake’, I have to agree.

Chocolate Courgette Recipe

I made a conscious effort to read some of the comments before making this recipe. A lot of people advised reducing the amount of oil and sugar. I only decided to reduce the oil: the recipe stated 350ml yet I used 250ml as I didn’t want the oil to be overpowering. This amount worked well.

I used a square tin (approx 24cm x 20cm) to cook my cake in and this took 1 hour. To begin with I put 50 minutes on the timer, however it had not cooked by this time so I added five minutes at a time. I substituted walnuts for pecans as I didn’t have any in my cupboard and these were still tasty.

Chocolate courgette cake recipe

The method didn’t say to drain the courgettes so I simply grated them and added to the mixture. I wasn’t too worried about the moisture from the courgettes and if anything, it probably made the cake moist and delicious.

Chocolate courgette cake

Courgette cake

I added a topping of chocolate buttercream and milk chocolate drops to transform the cake from a plain traybake to something (hopefully) a bit more impressive! The buttercream was simple to make: whisking 120g butter until light and fluffy, then stirring in 210g of (sifted) icing sugar and finally 30g cocoa powder. I then used a palette knife to evenly spread the topping on the cake with chocolate drops to finish.

I usually find traditional chocolate cake too sickly but this recipe manages to emulate a classic chocolate cake without being too sweet or rich. You’ll find yourself reaching for another slice!

Vegetarian courgette cake

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