Peanut Butter, Honey and Apple Flapjack Recipe

This weekend has been an absolute scorcher, with temperatures soaring to the mid twenties in Devon! To really feel the heat, I thought I would do a spot of baking and I made these tasty little snacks.

Peanut Butter, Honey and Apple FlapjackThe recipe below is for Peanut Butter, Honey and Apple Flapjacks. These do not contain any butter nor golden syrup. However if you do want something naughtier give my other flapjack recipe a go!

Admittedly, these are not as sweet as your traditonal flapjack, though the apple puree and honey do provide some sweetness without being too rich or sickly. I love using dates in flapjacks as they go a bit gooey and sticky which tastes absolutely great. The only change I would make is to use a little more peanut butter, as I would like this to be the strongest flavour.

Healthy flapjack snack

What size tin will you need?

I used a baking tray measuring approx. 24cm x 20cm (4cm/1.5inch deep,) so something around this size would work well.


12 Tbsp Apple puree

4 Tbsp Honey

4 Tbsp Peanut butter (I used Whole earth peanut butter)

200g Raisins

100g Dates (chopped)

2 Tbsp Linseed

300g Oats

3 Tbsp Coconut oil (and little extra for the tin)


  1. Preheat the oven to 180ᵒc / Gas Mark 4 / 350ᵒF.
  2. Using some coconut oil grease the tin.
  3. Mix together all the ingredients and pour into the tin. Spread the mixture evenly, making sure it is flat across the top.
  4. Bake for 30 minutes and once cool, cut into slices or squares.

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