Recipe Review: Sugar-Free Banana Cake

I have been wanting to bake a Sugar-Free Banana Cake for a while, so using this blog from The Hectic Cook, I gave it a go! The only tweak I made to her recipe was using 125g wholemeal flour, as originally suggested by BBC GoodFood.

Sugar-free banana cake

Overall this was a very simple recipe to follow and only took 35 minutes to cook. It works well to use up pesky, overripe bananas and turn them into delicious slices of cake for the week ahead. I love banana cake regardless, but knowing that this version uses far less butter and no sugar, makes it a winner in my eyes! I do like to know what goes into my food and the same goes for the amount of sugar in my food; so relying/using naturally occuring sugars, as found in fruit, works well.

Next time I bake this cake, I would like to add chopped walnuts or pecans and perhaps add some dates to give a different, chewy-like texture. I would also be tempted to add another spoonful of baking powder to make the cake rise a little higher. I would definitely add another banana or two as the taste wasn’t as strong as I would have liked. I think wholemeal flour overpowers cinnamon so I would like to try a version just with plain white flour.

Banana cake recipe

I think banana cake really does get better with age and tastes better two or three days after baking. I make sure I keep mine in airtight container, keeping it fresher for longer. Admittedly, it doesn’t last all that long in my house! Scumptious, sugar-free and simple!



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